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Melanie Whitten, (the artist behind Animal Eyes Photography) has a commercial photographic background and found her ‘calling’ back in 1997 when she began bringing dogs & cats into the studio for sessions with their owners. She noticed how much more relaxed people were in front of the camera when they had their pets with them, the results were images with more natural smiles & expressions… and the idea for a niche business!

In merging her passion for photography & love of animals she created a studio dedicated just to them and opened the doors of Animal Eyes in 1999 in the A.C.T.
She has since made the move to Sydney & now has a new technique for achieving even better portraits, a portable studio! For your convenience & for your pets comfort, we now come to you along with our lighting, backgrounds & props etc. In doing home sessions for previous clients Melanie notice how ALL the animals were so much happier in their own environment, especially the cats. And for the dogs…a few photos included at their favourite Park or Beach is a must!

Over the years Melanie has continued to work as a freelance photographer & her images have been published in many magazines, newspapers & on company websites. Along with numerous editorials about Animal Eyes, she has been interviewed by renowned journalist Ian Warden about the ‘particulars’ of pet photography & has also appeared on ABC TV’s show Creature Features. From 2003 -2008 she was the official Purina Photographer for 'BEST IN SHOW' day at The Sydney Royal Easter Dog Show. Photographed for 'PetFest' & 'Dog's Day Out' and has been photographing for the Australia National Cat INC (ANCATS) from 2002 to PRESENT. In keeping her ‘out & about’ section updated with images to share with you all, she attends several shows & animal events each year. Her time & funding is donated to these & other various animal welfare groups here & worldwide.

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